It is the beginning of the end … of my extra weight.

Screenshot from my phone in the app

Screenshot from the app called “Keep”, an android app that allows you to take notes, add pictures, voice, or add lists. There are many like it. Evernote is one of the more popular examples

This is still new to me.  The first thing I am going to confess is that for most of my adult life is that food is scary.  Food is a chore.  Food is something to put off until you can no longer ignore your bodies hunger pangs.

I don’t know how many girls starve themselves, and then binge and then throw up, but I know I have.  Everyone knows veggies are good for us…. but do we really know much more than that?  What about avacados?  nuts? legumes… etc etc.

There has been so much conflicting information out there about food that it is really easy to just keep doing whatever it is you are doing. Year over year, it’s only a few pounds… right?

Finally I am working on something that seems to work…. and let me emphasize the next bit…. it works FOR ME. (not that I think I will have a massive audience rushing to my little blog for advice but you never know)

Again … I am just putting this down here…. It is still in it
s birth as a long term way of life and eating. So time will tell, but like every dieter, I am hopeful. I am also trying not to annoy every single person around me by talking about it. Sometimes it is tough to keep motivated… or it used to be.

So here (finally) is what im doing. Get your cell phone…. get an app like evernote, keep, or whatever IOS has available as a journal that you can append pictures to, and photograph everything you eat. (You could even just text yourself pictures)

There is no way to cheat yourself if you have a photograph, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment when your calories are lower than expected. Plus you start learning what to feed yourself and what everything is worth.

Here is the best bit. Don’t count before your meal (unless you want to) Add it up later. I promise that your behavior will be self correcting.

Take a photo of everything, every coffee, every pill, every glass of water (Well ok, i dont do water, but i should because its good to know how much water i drink) When you are on track you feel great! When it is the middle of the day and you have only eaten up 450 of the 1400 calories you have allotted yourself it will make you smile, and you will start thinking about dinner.

Some of the other benefits i have found is I am starting to sleep earlier because I eat earlier, I am starting to have more hope, and more energy.

Whenever you make a recipe you really like, you will remember it too. It is right there in photograph. If you really liked it, toss the ingredients into the text for the photo description.

So that is the big secret. It doesn’t seem like a secret at all. But it is mine, and im sharing it.

So far I have dropped the first five pounds. I am extremely pleased.

I am thinking now towards owning and haveing a bit of my own land.  One of the things I continue to think about is on several acres having paths from one covered sitting area to another.  At each sitting area I would like to have something to look at.  Butterfly gardens, a frog pool, humming bird feeders, a bee hive and other things.  I can practically hear the sound of some of these things right now.

Fremont, NH
Brian Quinones ⋅ U.S. Marine Corps, Corporal ⋅ 4 years served
When I was homeless in Louisiana, I was in a shelter close to down town. There was a lot of very artful graffiti in the area and I met a few of the artist. While I was there I came up with the idea to make a job for myself and all the guys at the shelter.
In the same compound where we lived there was a empty building on the other side where I knew we could set up shop. The idea was to get artist to give us prints and we would print them and sell them on the street and online.
I still think this is a good idea and I would like to Peruse it. At least get informed about it.
11 February 2016 11 replies Small Business Add your Answer

West Chester, PA
Richard Gauger ⋅ ⋅ 35 years experience
Thank you for your service and congratulations on your entrepreneurial spirit. I like your business idea.
As a SCORE mentor, I agree with one of the other respondents that connecting with a counselor from SCORE (whether in a face-to-face meeting, by email or phone) is good advice in terms of covering the bases.
If you have limited start up capital, you may want to consider visiting local area art galleries to pitch your idea. You may find an owner or owners who see the social (and business) value of supporting homeless and veteran graffiti/amateur artists by donating a corner of her/his gallery to an exhibition space for which you would pay a commission on each sale to the gallery (as well as to the artist).
A marketing strategy for this approach might be to feature displays of the work of different artists each month along with a short narrative about the artists. The gallery might even included a broader narrative about your “Invisible Artists Project” which expresses the idea that veterans and the homeless are often invisible or forgotten or whatever other marketing title and taglines you may want to use.
While the empty building in the compound may seem to be a convenient location for your business, it may not be convenient or accessible to the demographics of your targeted customer segment. For example, if socially conscious, affluent consumers are your most likely customers, then the art gallery venues may make sense, By the way, if your “pitch” is successful, you could conceivably find a number of gallery owners who want to be involved in your “project” particularly if part of the pitch is that you donate a percentage of each sale to a homeless/veteran organization.
I hope this is helpful but I’m just brainstorming without knowing your full situation or circumstances. In any case, however you decide to start up your business, I think the basic business model you describe is a good one. Best wishes for success.
Rich Gauger